a few valentines day crafts

My Christmas tree came down, quite literally, Christmas day and ever since I’ve been thinking about Valentines day.  Using scrapbook paper, the cricuit and some decorative punches, a few small canvases, ribbon, fabric, buttons and mod podge I made a few cute decorations.  The best thing is that I had most of these things on hand so these were all really cheap.  What do you think?

This is the first thing I made, using the cricut and a small piece of ribbon.  A frame always makes things look a little more polished, I think.

Next I made this; I think it is my favorite of all the things here.  I used the cricuit to cut out the phrase “birds of a feather” and used brads as a fun decorative touch.  The birds and the hearts are cut out of fabric I picked up after valentines day last year at a great discount.  I cut them out and attached them and added the ric rac.

I had another frame and decided to spell out the reason for valentines day in buttons: love.  

I had three small canvases (I think they’re 5×5) which were failed attempts to get a good handprint from the baby.  Instead of throwing them out I covered them with paper and decorated.

We ordered valentines day cards last year; I took an extra and mod podged it to another canvas I had around.  I may order cards again this year, if only the little man can avoid bumping or bruising himself long enough for a picture. 

I still have a few things I want to do…Last year I made a footprints heart that I thought was really cute; I’m planning on doing another one this year.  Cute, right?

And of course, I had to decorate with the favors I saved  from my bridal shower.


Christmas snapshots

Posted On January 2, 2011

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I must admit I really didn’t get into the Christmas spirit this year.  Despite that, it was still a great holiday season.  Here are some snapshots.

ornament wreath

Posted On December 16, 2010

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If you’ve been reading my blog, you know by now that I am pretty much a big copy cat.  I can’t help it; I see some great ideas by other crafters and I NEED to attempt to make the same things.  So when I came across an ornament wreath at my new favorite craft blog Under My Umbrella, I knew that would be my next project.  Check it out and here is a link to the original tutorial.

Here’s my wreath in the day light.

And here it is at night with the Christmas lights reflecting in it.

It looks a little lopsided, but that’s okay.  It was also a challenge to hang, or so my husband says.

I used the shatter proof ornaments from Target and strung them on a wire hanger from the dry cleaners.  The only problem was the end of the ornaments broke on a bunch of them.  I ended up using them to decorate the mantle.  See below, right in front of a picture of the cutest baby:

I love the way my mantle looks! 

I won!

Posted On December 4, 2010

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Check this out!  I’m so excited!  I usually don’t win things, but I recently entered a giveaway at Craftgossip for Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin.  There are so many cool ideas in there…I can’t wait to try some out.  December will be dedicated to Christmas crafts, so it will likely be January.  Hmmm…that might be a good new year’s resolution: to be more environmentally friendly.

Yarn Wreath, the sequel

I enjoyed making my yarn wreath  so much, I decided to do another one, this one with more of a Christmas feel.  Looking for ideas, I googled yarn wreath and fell in love with this one.  It was perfect, so here’s my take.

I found a great chunky weight yarn at the craft store that I loved.

I wrapped it around my styrofoam wreath form twice, the first time pretty tight and the second time a little looser with a bit more space in between wraps.  I used the cricuit and cut the letters J O Y out on textured white paper.  I used my small hole punch to punch holes in the tops of the letters, threaded thin yarn through it and tied the yarn around the sides.  I looped thick ribbon through the wreath and attached it to the door by opening the door and nailing it the top.  You can kind of see it in this picture.

Happy Crafting!

yarn wreath

Posted On November 28, 2010

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After a day of playing in the leaves with my little baby guy, I had planned on relaxing tonight and not doing a thing. 

Of course, that was before I got on the computer and googled “yarn wreath.”  There are so many gorgeous ones out there that I decided that I had to give it a try.  I had a styrofoam wreath and yarn on hand so there was nothing holding me back.  I also had brown woven fabric that I used for the flowers as well as the ribbon.  So it was my lucky night.  Here’s how it came out:

It was so simple to make.  I tied the yarn on and wrapped it around the wreath twice.  I was surprised that I only used one small thing of yarn…by the way, what do you call one thing of yarn?  I’m sure I it has a name but I can’t for the life of me think what it is.  Hmmm…  Anyway, in case you’re interested, I used Premier Yarn’s Serenity; it was 3.5 oz, 109 yards and “chunky weight.”

I cut strips from a brown woven fabric and made the rosettes using the tutorial found here (this link will show you, in addition to how to make the rosettes, another great idea for a DIY wreath).  I like the three grouped together on the bottom right, but I’m not sure if I’m in love with the single on I put on the top left. 

I just feel like it doesn’t look right.  Maybe it will grow on me. 

The last thing I did was use the ribbon to make a bow and hang.  By the way, I hung it by the wreath and then used a little piece of painter’s tape to hold the ribbon up.  I thought it would hold up better that way. 

All together, a pretty easy project that I think looks nice. 

Update: if you like yarn wreaths, check out my holiday yarn wreath, if you haven’t already seen it!

candy wreath

Posted On November 27, 2010

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My parents came for a visit last weekend and they didn’t come empty handed.  Among a few other things, like dinner, they brought a Christmas candy wreath that my mom made.

These make nice holiday gifts for teachers, neighbors, or really anyone.  And they are quite simple to make. 

All you need are: a wire hanger, candy, curly ribbon.  First prepare your hanger by reshaping into a circle.  You may want to untwist the top and make the circle smaller because the larger it is, the more candy is needed and the more candy used the heavier it gets.  Next, cut the curly ribbon, tie to candy, and tie candies on the hanger.  Finish up by curling the ribbon and tying on a bow, if desired; this help hides the hook .

I love my candy wreath, especially because when I look at it on the wall it puts me in the holiday spirit.  Thanks mom!

reupholstered dining room chairs

Posted On November 27, 2010

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The other night my husband decided to check out my blog.  He made this decision on his own, without any prompting from me.  At all.  Really.  While he was perusing, he noticed that I did not post anything on the dining room chairs we reupholstered.  And by “we” I mean “he,” which is why he was looking specifically for that because, while I did a little, he did most of the work.  So here it is.



My dining room set is only a few years old, but the fabric on the chairs just looked horrible.  Note: while off-white looks fantastic in the showroom, it is not a good idea for an actual home.  I wish I could blame this on the little guy, but the chairs looked bad long before he was born.  I’ve tried scrubbing the fabric with upholstery cleaner, but that only yielded mild improvements. The old me would have bought new furniture on my credit card and dealt with a mad accountant for a few weeks.  The worst part about that is he’s not only my accountant but also my husband so when he’s mad it’s twice as bad.  Then I happened across a few blogs where women were re-upholstering not only chairs, but whole couches and I decided that I can do it.  I’ve been looking for the right fabric.  In the dinning room I made these curtains; they are midnight blue with off white so the fabric I needed would have to go with these.

I first bought this fabric online from fabric.com. 

I thought it would be a good choice because it was heavy-duty fabric for outdoor furniture so I figured it would be easy to clean and durable.  However, in person I didn’t like it for the dining room so I’ll save it for another project that I’m sure I’ll have to make next summer.  Then I happened to run in to Joann’s Fabrics yesterday for a few Halloween projects (stay tuned for those in the next few days) and found this fabric.  I love it and think it is perfect.

Now for those of you who know me (and I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this…hi mom!), you know that I tend to jump into things without fully thinking out the details.  This is no exception.  I flipped over the chair, removed the screws holding the seat to the chair and used a flat screwdriver and pliers to help pry up the millions of staples holding the fabric on.  It was really hard prying the staples up.  Now I don’t think that my husband wanted to help (actually I know that he would rather not), but I think he felt obligated to help so he took over taking the staples out while I supervised. 

I did get him a beer to help express my gratitude. 

Once the first cushion was fabric-free, I used the fabric as a rough pattern to help me cut the new fabric for the four chairs.  I hate ironing and really, really, really didn’t want to iron the fabric.  I kept saying to my hubby, “hey, this fabric doesn’t look wrinkled.  I don’t think I have to iron it.”  After about five times he said, “you know you have to iron it, right?”  Yes, I know…I just didn’t want to; but I did.

We broke out our new staple gun, bought just for this occasion, and got to work.  We moved down to the basement because the little guy was sleeping and we were afraid the noise from the gun would wake him.  The next part was tricky.  I started stapling the fabric on but it was hard to do without any wrinkling around the corners of the chair.  It was frustrating.  Really, really frustrating.  I may or may not have stormed away out of the basement swearing that I was just going to buy new chairs and my husband may or may not have replied, “are you just going to quit?”  So that was fun.  Or not.  But while I was upstairs sulking, I was also googling.  There was so many conflicting strategies on line that it was hard to figure out where to start.  Some recommended doing each corner first, some last, some recommended starting with the sides, while others said to start with the back, and still others to start with the front.  I finally decided to go with the advice on this site…Re-uplolstering for Dummies.

We started stapling in the front center and then along the entire front of the seat.  Then we continued with the back center and along the back of the seat.  We followed with the sides and saved the corners for last.  We trimmed some fabric from the corners to make it less bulky.  Then we played around with it.  We stared with the center of the corners and stapled them down and then kept pulling and stapling until we had the entire corner secure.  There is some wrinkes, but overall it looks great.  We even compared it to one of the other chairs that still had the original fabric on it and there were no more wrinkles on our attempt then there.  So we were pretty pleased. 

By this time, it was pretty late so we saved the rest of the chairs for the next day.  That may or may not have turned into the next month.  But they are finally done.

Thanksgiving parade (of shoes)

Posted On November 25, 2010

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After sending my child out in the world for far too long in slip on shoes (aka glorified slipper socks), I decided it was time to get him some real shoes.  Sure he has real sandals, but those were bought during the summer and it is way too cold out for them now.  So off I went to buy one pair of shoes.  Just one.  And here’s what I left the store with:

These are my favorite:

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed shoes.  So cute!

Of course, we had to also get some dressier shoes and I really liked the brown ones above.  I especially like the touch of orange.

I couldn’t help myself…I also had to get sneakers as well.  For some reason, my camera makes these look very sparkly, but they are not so in person.

Last but not least, snow boots.  I overheard another parent in the store talking about getting them and then I HAD to buy a pair too.  I was afraid if I waited I wouldn’t be able to get a pair.  But now that I’m prepared for the winter (I already bought him a snow suit), I’m sure it wont snow.  My little man loves his new shoes and my sister will be happy that I finally invested in them.  For that reason, today’s blog is dedicated to you, Suze!

crafting with mom

Sometimes I just can’t control myself.  Most of those times involve buying things.  That’s why subscribing to deal-of-the-day websites is just a bad idea.  I end up seeing things that I never knew existed but now that I know I have to have.  So the other day I opened my email from scrapbook steals.com and saw Boulder Innovations Custom Magnet Boards Kit.  Don’t know what that is?  Neither did I, but now I own it.  See below for a pic.

You decorate the wood,  the magnetic metal, and magnet (not pictured here) and then attach the metal to the wood and viola!  Custom magnet board!  I though I would be able to make a large message board for the kitchen or menu board.  But another part of the problem is when I buy things, I don’t often pay attention to the details.  Instead of this being really big, it’s actually quite small.  And instead of getting 1, I got 5.  But it turned out okay in the end.  My mom came to visit and we each decorated one.  I just got some new paper from Creative Memories and we used that. 

Here are our final products, with the magnets…

And without the magnets…

Here’s my mom’s…

And mine…

And another view…

Sinced this one is decorated for fall, I think I’m going to decorate the last three I have for the other three seasons of the year.  And now I have to wait until they come up again on scrapbooksteals.com to get more so my mom can have one for each season too.  My sister might want to do one and I’m sure my niece would love to decorate one as well.  Not exactly sure what I’ll use it for, but my mom is planning on using it while she cooks to hold her recipes.

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