halloween ribbon wreath

Posted On October 10, 2010

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Move over buttons, I have a new love…ribbons!  especially ric rac.  Love it.  So when I came across a halloween boo wreath, I fell in love.  I had to make my own.  Here’s a peek at my attempt. 

First I gathered all my supplies:  round styrofoam wreath

and lots of different ribbons.

At the top of the wreath was a pretty deep seam, which worried me.  I found out later that you don’t even see it under the ribbon, so don’t fret if you’re making one.  Ignore it and if you can see it, put another layer of ribbon on top of it at the end. 

Same thing comes when you are wrapping your ribbons; if they aren’t perfect, that’s ok.  You can easily hide mistakes with another ribbon.

I started out with the orange ribbon and wrapped it around.  It didn’t make it all the way around, so I had to either go to the store to pick up more or come up with a plan.  Laziness won out and I came up with a new plan. 

I pulled off all the orange and cut it into four equal pieces.  I then spaced them around the wreath.

I filled in the empty spaces with purple.  Right about now I also chose a front and back side.

Then I added black.

The next part took the most time.  I played around with my decorative ribbons and slowly glued them down. 

Finally it looked like this:

But it needed more.  I didn’t want to make the “boo” found on my inspiration because my sewing machine hasn’t been too cooperative lately, so I just decided to make the bow.  Bows are not my specialty…if only I had thought of asking my mom to make it for me when she was here.  But I didn’t, so I was left to attempt it myself. 

I figured out how long to cut my ribbons (I used three here), cut them and put them face down on a flat surface. 

I folded over one side at a time, then used one of those wire ties that comes with garbage bags to fasten the middle.

I hot glued the end of another piece of ribbon to the back and wrapped it around twice, then hot glued it again to fasten it. 

Opps…I almost forgot to mention that I snipped the ends at an angle and then used a lighter to singe the ends so they didn’t fray.

I wasn’t in love with the way the bow looked so I didn’t want to glue it directly onto my wreath, so I glued it on the wreath holder.  The paint is scratched up in a few places, so I wasn’t worry about ruining it. 

I played around with the bow and probably will continue to mess around with it.  I might even make a new one.  But here’s what it looks like for now on my front door.

Here are a few close ups:


4 Responses to “halloween ribbon wreath”

  1. Suzanne

    This is so cute! I love it! It’s great as is, or you could even add little touches (a ghost or a witch hat).

    • loriede

      Thanks! It was fun to make! Good suggestions! I keep looking at it and thinking it needs something else. My sewing machine has been very temperamental lately so I didn’t want to pull it out and risk ruining my good mood, but mayby I’ll give it a try.

  2. Susan

    This is so cute. I love it!

    • loriede

      Thanks! I thought Jim was going to kill me as I was working on it…I kept calling him in the room to look at it every few minutes and when he stopped coming in, I went to him and stood in front of the tv while I had him guess what I had just added. I was so excited about it, I couldn’t help myself. Thinking about it now, I realize how much he must love me to put up with me!

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