little mummies

Posted On October 22, 2010

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Perusing the craft blogs, as usual, I came across a really fun looking project.  It appeared to be quick and easy, and with a one man stunt show (aka my almost 14 month old) running around, quick and easy is about all I can handle.   

I got two different size pieces of styrofoam from the craft store, along with a fat quarter of white fabric, though my inspiration was made with cardboard boxes from food products and an old sheet.

Here’s the fabric.  Notice I didn’t even iron it.

That last picture is a sneak peek at what I did next.  I used the scissors to cut small slits of different widths in the fabric and ripped them apart.  I love ripping fabric because I can never cut straight and fabric always rips in a straight line. 

I then used a hot glue gun to secure the end of the fabric strip to my styrofoam and then began to wrap it around.  I secured the end with glue and then repeated the process until I’ve covered the whole thing.  Then I glued on the googlie eyes (PS, how do you spell googlie?).  And it’s done. 

I love it! 

Here it is with my halloween button wreath and a quick halloween pic.

There was some extra strips of fabric left over…so I did some easy and free childproofing.


One Response to “little mummies”

  1. Susan

    Thes are just too darn cute. They are spooktacular!!!

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