faux twine pumpkin

Posted On November 5, 2010

Filed under halloween, Home Decor, thanksgiving

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Since I started this blog, I’ve been trying to try out some of the crafty things I’ve come across on my internet travels so I can post about them.  About a month ago I came across Floral Wire Pumpkins for $1.  A project that seemed easy and was cheap is right up my alley so I decided to give it a try.  As I looked through the floral section of Joann’s, I came across different floral wires as well as wire that was covered in twine.  It was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.  (I should probably start paying more attention to these things).  I like how it looked like twine and not wire, so I decided to spend the extra buck or two to get it.   

Here’s where I learned (relearned) a few important lessons.  1. Don’t craft when you’re tired.  2. Don’t craft when you’re frustrated.  3.  If you’re tired or frustrated walk away and go back to your project later.  I thought I could sit on my couch and make this craft last night after a full day of work and an evening of babysitting my sister’s two kids and chasing after my own ball of energy.  Bad idea.  This morning, however, I found a few minutes before work and was able to make this in about 10 minutes without all the frustration. 

I wound the wire around a wine bottle. 

This is where I had trouble last night.  The wire wouldn’t stay.  This morning I decided to use a rubber band to hold the end into place.  Easy solution.

I then slid if off and held one side of it together.

I used one end of the wired twine to wrap around the middle to hold it into place.  Above you’ll see where I started to do that.  I just kept wrapping it around and pulling through the middle.

 Then I fanned out the wire to give the overall round shape. 

Last, I took the other end of the wire and wrapped it tightly around a pen to give it spiral curls. 

Remove the pen and enjoy!


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