Christmas books for the baby

Posted On November 21, 2010

Filed under books, Christmas

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I know what you’re thinking…Christmas books already?  Of course!  Okay, I wasn’t planning on giving these to my 14 month old yet, but I couldn’t help myself.  He loves them…especially this one:

It has flaps that lift and that made him crack up…I suppose my yelling “surprise!” every time he lifted each flap might also have added to the delight.

Next he liked this one. 

It had different textures he could feel inside.  He especially liked the rough texture of the christmas tree.

This one is sure to be his favorite, probably next year and for the next few years to come. 

Not only does it say “underwear” but it also hints that Santa has to go…you know go to the bathroom.  That’s a recipe for a few laughs from a toddler. 

Any other recommendations for other good Christmas books for little ones?  As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough books!


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