candy wreath

Posted On November 27, 2010

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My parents came for a visit last weekend and they didn’t come empty handed.  Among a few other things, like dinner, they brought a Christmas candy wreath that my mom made.

These make nice holiday gifts for teachers, neighbors, or really anyone.  And they are quite simple to make. 

All you need are: a wire hanger, candy, curly ribbon.  First prepare your hanger by reshaping into a circle.  You may want to untwist the top and make the circle smaller because the larger it is, the more candy is needed and the more candy used the heavier it gets.  Next, cut the curly ribbon, tie to candy, and tie candies on the hanger.  Finish up by curling the ribbon and tying on a bow, if desired; this help hides the hook .

I love my candy wreath, especially because when I look at it on the wall it puts me in the holiday spirit.  Thanks mom!


3 Responses to “candy wreath”

  1. Susan

    Hey, this is really nice!

  2. Dad

    Looks great on the wall.

  3. loriede

    Jim wants to know when he can eat it.

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