a few valentines day crafts

My Christmas tree came down, quite literally, Christmas day and ever since I’ve been thinking about Valentines day.  Using scrapbook paper, the cricuit and some decorative punches, a few small canvases, ribbon, fabric, buttons and mod podge I made a few cute decorations.  The best thing is that I had most of these things on hand so these were all really cheap.  What do you think?

This is the first thing I made, using the cricut and a small piece of ribbon.  A frame always makes things look a little more polished, I think.

Next I made this; I think it is my favorite of all the things here.  I used the cricuit to cut out the phrase “birds of a feather” and used brads as a fun decorative touch.  The birds and the hearts are cut out of fabric I picked up after valentines day last year at a great discount.  I cut them out and attached them and added the ric rac.

I had another frame and decided to spell out the reason for valentines day in buttons: love.  

I had three small canvases (I think they’re 5×5) which were failed attempts to get a good handprint from the baby.  Instead of throwing them out I covered them with paper and decorated.

We ordered valentines day cards last year; I took an extra and mod podged it to another canvas I had around.  I may order cards again this year, if only the little man can avoid bumping or bruising himself long enough for a picture. 

I still have a few things I want to do…Last year I made a footprints heart that I thought was really cute; I’m planning on doing another one this year.  Cute, right?

And of course, I had to decorate with the favors I saved  from my bridal shower.


crafting with mom

Sometimes I just can’t control myself.  Most of those times involve buying things.  That’s why subscribing to deal-of-the-day websites is just a bad idea.  I end up seeing things that I never knew existed but now that I know I have to have.  So the other day I opened my email from scrapbook steals.com and saw Boulder Innovations Custom Magnet Boards Kit.  Don’t know what that is?  Neither did I, but now I own it.  See below for a pic.

You decorate the wood,  the magnetic metal, and magnet (not pictured here) and then attach the metal to the wood and viola!  Custom magnet board!  I though I would be able to make a large message board for the kitchen or menu board.  But another part of the problem is when I buy things, I don’t often pay attention to the details.  Instead of this being really big, it’s actually quite small.  And instead of getting 1, I got 5.  But it turned out okay in the end.  My mom came to visit and we each decorated one.  I just got some new paper from Creative Memories and we used that. 

Here are our final products, with the magnets…

And without the magnets…

Here’s my mom’s…

And mine…

And another view…

Sinced this one is decorated for fall, I think I’m going to decorate the last three I have for the other three seasons of the year.  And now I have to wait until they come up again on scrapbooksteals.com to get more so my mom can have one for each season too.  My sister might want to do one and I’m sure my niece would love to decorate one as well.  Not exactly sure what I’ll use it for, but my mom is planning on using it while she cooks to hold her recipes.

one last boo…

I started this over a week ago, but got side tracked when the baby and I both got sick.  Now that we’re better I had time to finish, even though I finished it today–halloween!  But it’s never too late, right?  Right. 

I picked up wooden “BOO” letters from Joann’s craft store as well as halloween themed scrapbook paper and black paint. 

First I painted the letters black.  I painted the sides, a small bit in the front since the letters had a beveled front edge, and the backs.  Even though you don’t see the backs, I painted them because I can picture my dad telling me his mother would say something like, “you wear underwear even though people don’t see that.”

Now if you make something like this, please please please, don’t be like me…be patient and wait until the paint completely dries before the next step.  I couldn’t control myself and put on the mod podge on the front before the paint was dry so if you look closely, especially on the orange O, you can see black paint smeared on the front of the paper.  Because I didn’t want to start over, I convinced myself that it looked okay and gave it a certain effect that worked.  Note to self: next time let dry overnight.

I picked out the decorative paper that I wanted to use and roughly traced out the letters then cut them out.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Then I applied mod podge to the letter fronts and put the decorative paper on.  Using a credit card, I smoothed out the paper and let dry. 

You’ll notice that I didn’t cut out the openings in the B.  After the mod podge dried I used my razor and cut them out.  You can do it either way and next time I’ll probably just cut it out before hand but I was worried the holes wouldn’t be centered.  Once dry I applied more mod podge to the top of the paper.  Let sit overnight to dry completely.  I used a sanding block to distress the edges a little; I also hit the side of the paper, which is why it’s okay if your paper is not perfect as you cut it out.

I wasn’t sure how to display the letters, but then I came across this post where the letters are tied together and hanging, so that’s what I did.  I used ribbon to tie the letters together to hang. 

Above is the back and below is the front.

Here is the finished product.

silhouette picture

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I happened across a blog with a silhouette picture tutorial  and fell in love.  I feel like I keep coming across crafts that involve silhouettes so I decided that it was time for me to make one.  I followed the basic steps on the tutorial with one major difference…I did it low tech.  The tutorial has you editing the picture and playing with contrast and I don’t know how to do any of those things.  Here’s how I did it.

I found a picture I loved and wanted to use…the problem, you’ll see below, is that my baby is throwing his head back so if I was to use that as it is, he’d look like the headless horseman minus the horse.  So I looked for a picture that I can use for his head.  I wanted one that showed a profile.  Once I found one I printed them out on my computer, both sized 5×7. 

Once I had them printed out, I cut them out by hand.  I used small sharp scissors that I use only for scrapbooking.  My baby has crazy hair and I wanted that to show up in the picture, so I exaggerated it as I cut it out.  I also made sure that I paid close attention to the detail on the shorts.  I then realized that my picture I was using for the head was too large, so I scrapped it and printed one out 4×6.  Much better. 

I positioned and then taped the head and body together, flipped it over, and used that as my template. 

I happened to have some black paper on hand, used to cut out the bats on my halloween button wreath.  I traced my template and then cut out my figure.

Meanwhile I pulled apart an old book that I had and started to decide what pages I wanted to use. 

After I decide which pages to used and where, I put a layer of decoupage glue on the back of the pages and layered them on by one on the glass of the frame I was using.  I used a credit card to smooth out each page after I applied it to the glass.  I put a layer of glue on the front and let it dry.

After the glue dried as I was planning where I was going to put my figure, disaster struck…kind of.  Our power went out.  Don’t let these pictures fool you, it was dark in our house. 

Above are candles I lit and below are my dogs trying to figure out what was going on.  I’m going to blame the mess on the blackout. 

Since the power didn’t come back on until somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:30 am, that was all for the night. 

The next night after work and after the baby was alseep for the night, I returned to work.  After laying the silhouette out on the glass on top of the pages already decoupaged down, I thought that it needed something so I turned again to my cricut machine.  I used this cartridge to cut out the word son and a heart. 

I didn’t like the first ones, so I cut out  new, thinner letters and a solid heart.

The next morning before work I added a layer of glue to my silhouette, letters, and heart and attached them to the paper covered glass.  After smoothing them out with a credit card, I put another layer of glue to the entire front of the glass.

By the time I got home from work, it had dried completely so I turned the glass over and used a razor to cut off the excess paper.

Don’t mind the mess in the background.  I’m going to blame that on the blackout.

Now I was ready to pop it into a frame!  And it’s done! 

In case you can’t tell, he’s holding my husband and my hands in the picture.  My husband asked, “what is he holding?  Bats?”  Of course he claimed he was kidding when he saw my face. 

Next time I might use the matte mod podge because it came out pretty shiny, which makes it really hard to get a good picture.

Here are some close ups. 


You can see that some parts of the paper got saturated and became a gray color.  I was ready to start over but my husband liked the effect (or at least that’s what he told me so I wouldn’t start over), because it was black, white, and gray.  If you wanted to prevent this, you could put another layer of paper on the glass (you’ll notice it’s not gray in the places where the paper overlaps).

Family name wall art

I’m working on a project right now that I’m so excited about…but it’s not done yet.  We lost power for a few hours tonight and though I was tempted to work by candle light, I didn’t think that would yield the best results.  So new project will have to wait until tomorrow and I’ll show you another thing I made this past summer today.  Since this was in my pre-blogging days, there are no progress pictures, just the finish product.

Here’s the finished product and a few close ups.  Below you’ll see that my scrapbook paper was just a touch too short, so I used ribbon to hide the end.  I then layered ric rac on top of the plain white ribbon.  I like the effect that only letting half the ric rac show made; it reminds me of clouds.

Above you’ll see the bottom ribbon.  It was thick so it helped hide the fact that the paper was too short to fully fit the frame.  I have tons of the green ribbon.  When I got married, the department store where we registered prewrapped all the gifts bought there and used this ribbon to tie the bow.  Being the pack rat that I am, of course I saved it all.  I knew it would some day come in handy!  Now if I could only find a use for the rest of it!  I also layered a thin piece of brown ric rac on top.

Did I mention I love my cricuit?  Here it is along with the cartridge that I used to make this.

halloween button wreath

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I recently came across this project on Mod Podge Rocks! and fell in love.  I have a thing about buttons lately so this was perfect.  I planned on making it exactly like the one posted, but as I was working I made some changes, like adding the lettering. 

First I gathered my supplies.  I had Martha Stewart brand decoupage glue and sealer as well as craft glue on hand.  I also had a bunch of black buttons but not many orange ones.  I bought a 12×12 canvas as well purple and black scrapbook paper.  I was going to buy a halloween cricuit cartridge but they were $89 so I passed and got the Martha Stewart bat punch below and used a cricuit cartridge I had on hand to cut out the letters.


After I gathered my supplies, I painted my canvas with the Martha Stewart brand decoupage glue and sealer as a base coat.  As it was drying, I cut down my scrapbook paper to about 10×11.  I was able to salvage the pieces cut off to use the cricuit and cut out the words “happy halloween.”  I used my bat punch to cut out a few black bats.  By then my canvas was dry so I painted it again with another coat of the decoupage glue and applied the letters and the purple scrapbook paper.  Once that was dry I painted one last coat across the canvas.  In retrospect, I probably should have picked up mod podge specially designed for paper because  when I painted over my paper the purple color got a little streaky looking.  Its not too obvious from far away, but close up it doesn’t look great.  Here’s what it looked like at this point.

 I’m so impatient that I couldn’t wait for it to dry to start laying out my buttons…this was a bit of a waste of time.  Once the glue was dry I started laying out my buttons; this took a little longer than I thought it would because I spent some time swapping out buttons.  Once I had them where I wanted them, I glued them down, let it dry and it’s done. 

Here it is hanging on my wall and here is a close up.