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Posted On October 19, 2010

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Some days I love my job; other days I do not love my job.  Today I do not love it, but yesterday I did.  Yesterday a student gave me a heart necklace that he made.  He cut the heart out of construction paper and treaded some string through it so I could wear it.  So cute.  Here it is.

Here are some other things my students gave me yesterday. 

Two silly banz, a lucky penny and not pictured is a picture from summer vacation. 

I also got this in my mailbox this afternoon…

I think it’s from the student who invited me over yesterday.  He told me that he was going to have his mom call me and maybe I could come over and we could draw and write stuff together at his house.  When I changed the subject he said, “excuse me, you still haven’t told me if you would come over and if you do we can maybe carve pumpkins because we bought pumpkins and there is an extra one that you can have.”  So cute. 

In other work news, I’m still working on getting the kids folders together.  For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to create an alphabet chart and a frequently used words list and glue them to the front and back of each folder; in addition, print out small signs that said “still working” and “finished” for inside the folder.  And on top of that, laminate each folder while it’s open and cut a slit where the pocket is so they can still use it.  They are coming out great but it is a lot of work.  Did I mention that I see about 300 kids?  That’s a ton of work!

Here’s the pile of them as I’m trying to cut them out after they’ve all been lamintated.  This is only a small piece of it.

Here’s the front, the alphabet chart I made.

Here’s the back, the list of common words the kids use in their writing.

And here’s the middle. 

While the folders are taking me forever, I finally did get something accomplished that’s been on my list since the start of school.  In September I was given Reading Strategy signs that all teachers were supposed to hang in their classrooms.  The problem is that I don’t have a classroom; I move all my stuff around by cart.  I decided that if I was ever going to use these I’d have to think of a way to hang them from one of my carts.  How to do that was the question.

Here are all the signs:

I bought large metal eyelets from the craft store and decided they would be perfect. 

I traced the inside of the smallest part, cut a hole, and put the barrel through the hole. 

The back piece went on and my darling husband volunteered (kind of) to use the hammer and secure the fasteners.

Although it looks like he’s about to bang his finger, don’t worry…he did not. 

And they’re done.

Here they are hanging on one of my carts.  Perfect to come with me wherever I go!