Thanksgiving parade (of shoes)

Posted On November 25, 2010

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After sending my child out in the world for far too long in slip on shoes (aka glorified slipper socks), I decided it was time to get him some real shoes.  Sure he has real sandals, but those were bought during the summer and it is way too cold out for them now.  So off I went to buy one pair of shoes.  Just one.  And here’s what I left the store with:

These are my favorite:

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed shoes.  So cute!

Of course, we had to also get some dressier shoes and I really liked the brown ones above.  I especially like the touch of orange.

I couldn’t help myself…I also had to get sneakers as well.  For some reason, my camera makes these look very sparkly, but they are not so in person.

Last but not least, snow boots.  I overheard another parent in the store talking about getting them and then I HAD to buy a pair too.  I was afraid if I waited I wouldn’t be able to get a pair.  But now that I’m prepared for the winter (I already bought him a snow suit), I’m sure it wont snow.  My little man loves his new shoes and my sister will be happy that I finally invested in them.  For that reason, today’s blog is dedicated to you, Suze!

crafting with mom

Sometimes I just can’t control myself.  Most of those times involve buying things.  That’s why subscribing to deal-of-the-day websites is just a bad idea.  I end up seeing things that I never knew existed but now that I know I have to have.  So the other day I opened my email from scrapbook and saw Boulder Innovations Custom Magnet Boards Kit.  Don’t know what that is?  Neither did I, but now I own it.  See below for a pic.

You decorate the wood,  the magnetic metal, and magnet (not pictured here) and then attach the metal to the wood and viola!  Custom magnet board!  I though I would be able to make a large message board for the kitchen or menu board.  But another part of the problem is when I buy things, I don’t often pay attention to the details.  Instead of this being really big, it’s actually quite small.  And instead of getting 1, I got 5.  But it turned out okay in the end.  My mom came to visit and we each decorated one.  I just got some new paper from Creative Memories and we used that. 

Here are our final products, with the magnets…

And without the magnets…

Here’s my mom’s…

And mine…

And another view…

Sinced this one is decorated for fall, I think I’m going to decorate the last three I have for the other three seasons of the year.  And now I have to wait until they come up again on to get more so my mom can have one for each season too.  My sister might want to do one and I’m sure my niece would love to decorate one as well.  Not exactly sure what I’ll use it for, but my mom is planning on using it while she cooks to hold her recipes.

polka dot comfy pants!

Posted On October 6, 2010

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If there is one thing that I love more than polka dots, it’s polka dot comfy pants.  These pants actually combine three of my favorite things:

1. Polka dots

2. Comfy pants

3. Target

I love these pants.  Just thought I’d share.

Oops I did it again…

Posted On October 4, 2010

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Buttons.  That was all I needed: a pack of buttons for an upcoming project.  But I couldn’t resist.  Every time I go to the craft store I hear the fabric calling me and it would be rude not to answer.  So although I went in for buttons, I left with a lot of fabric that was not on my list.  Again.  Check out the fun Halloween themed fabric below.  The best part?  It was 50% off.  Gotta love a good deal!  Not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I have some ideas.  Oh, and I did get buttons too…Here they are.  I’m using the orange for another Halloween project that I will be finishing tonight.  Stay tuned!